Germann Road (ST1450) & Lindsay Road (ST1170) Improvements

Gilbert has completed design for improvements to widen:

  • Germann Road, from Mustang Drive (1/2 mile west of Lindsay Road) to Val Vista Drive (ST1450),
  • Lindsay Road, from south of Germann Road to south of the 202 Santan Freeway (ST1450), and
  • Lindsay Road, from north of the 202 Santan Freeway through the Pecos Road intersection (ST1170) – Completed.

These improvements include widening the roadway to three lanes in each direction with a center turn lane/median island, curb, gutter, bike lane, sidewalk, street lighting, traffic signal improvements and relocation of installation of utilities related to the project. 

Click here for information on the Lindsay Road/202 Santan Freeway Interchange Project


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